The Digital Age of Infinite Customer Base

We have always heard there’s nothing called a free lunch. And neither is there anything infinite in the real world. Maybe except the universe and stupidity, as Einstein mentioned.

But lets look at the term infinity from a marketing perspective. You never see a theater playing infinite number of movies; or a beverage shop with infinite bottles (though I know of people who dream of it); or a bakery with infinite supply of cakes. Infinity term does not exist in marketing.15% increase in sales, tripling the work force, hall capacity of 550 – Its always about a fixed number.

Or is it?

How many views do you want on your blog?

How many “likes” on your FB Page?

How many followers in Twitter to get you a good night’s sleep?

Is your answer infinity? Or “the more the better”? Even if it is the latter, doesn’t it, in hindsight, actually mean infinity?

digital age infinity

The whole concept of “infinity” came up ever since the advent of the digital era. Though in real life there’s no practicality associated with the term, we still pursue it in the digital world. In doing so, are we aiming at a blank target? A directionless  pursuit?

From a “set of audience” have we moved to “everyone”? In the quest for a number we will never reach, are we compromising on the worth of our brand and the vision it should actually aim for?

In real life if we consider one genuine enquiry better than hundred false ones, why can’t the same be applicable in the Digital Platform?

Though the platforms have and will keep changing, dynamic and sensible adaptation is needed on part of the marketers. Else the budgets would keep going up, and the ROI down.


Inspired from a post by Seth Godin
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