How To Use Facebook For Your Job Search

      No, I haven’t gone nuts! Its true. Facebook actually CAN help you with your job search. All you need to know is “how”.

During the last few years we have heard many stories of how people have got fired by using Facebook. Ranging from status updates about how much you loathe your boss to posting pictures of you getting drunk at last Saturday’s office party, people have been shown the door of their office for various reasons. So how can Facebook be used as a” Job-Searcher” rather than a “Job-Destroyer”? Here are a few points you should keep in mind.

Smart Status Updates
Well, all of us post status updates now and then. Then why not use it for something useful! Update your status with your current situation and what kind of a job you’re looking for. You’ll be amazed at the number of people who might actually respond. Friends, family, colleagues and even long time acquaintances are all there to help you. All you need is ask. Its human nature to help and you’ll be delighted at the responses you get. But also remember that you stay in the forefront of their mind by continuously reminding them about you else they’ll forget about the whole stuff. Keep updating about the latest on your job hunt journey.

Professional Networking
Everyone expects to get contacted professionally via Twitter or LinkedIn. Though Facebook is not considered a professional network platform, there is no hard and fast rule that you cant use it for the same. You can assume that most of your colleagues and potential recruiters will be on Facebook. Try to see if you have a common friend who can get you introduced to them. Contacting them via Facebook will surely make you stand out from the usual Twitter-LinkedIn crowd. But be careful when using this tactic. Tread carefully and it’ll work. Else you might be asking for trouble.

Join And Get Active In Groups
Just like in real life, groups hold an important place in our social life too. Facebook groups are just like any other groups you can find.  A place to post and discuss about a particular topic of interest, industry or incident. You can add value to the group by joining in and starting discussions that will get others involved. After a number of healthy discussions you can send them a friend’s request and they are likely to accept since they more or less know you or are acquainted. The objective here is to network with and get noticed by others in the industry which could eventually lead to you being considered for a job even before it is posted.

Facebook Marketplace
In Facebook marketplace you will be able to search for local job listings. You can now either apply or contact the person behind the posting for more information. Facebook’s marketplace may not be as complete as other marketplaces but they can benefit you as there is likely to be less competition for any roles posted there.

Posting Ads Of Yourself
It may sound as madness but its worth giving a try if you are crazy and creative enough. And is sure to turn some heads around! If you are ready to spend money on your search, you can post an ad telling where you would like to work. You can pick the demographics of the audience you want to target and set your daily budget. The more specific you can make it, the better. These ads are likely to render some interest n yourself and may or may not lead to your dream job but its certainly another way to reach out.

Finally, the answer to whether you can use Facebook to land a job. Well, lets just say its still in the backyard when compared to LinkedIn, but sure is worth a try. Anyways you spend a lot of time in Facebook so why not utilize it for something useful. Another tool in your kit is not going to hurt!

Have more points to add to these? Feel free to comment.

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