F*** Your New Year Resolutions. Have Something Better For 2014!

Well, first blog post for 2014. Took me just 5 days. Better than last year I suppose where I took almost 18 days to come up with the first one. New year resolution you ask? Bollocks I say.

It’s just the 5th of Jan and I already must have read about 20 Facebook updates and a kazillion tweets about people ranting or publicizing about their new year resolutions. PEOPLE! If those are seriously your New Year Resolutions, then keep it to yourself. Don’t go about publicizing them. You do it, good for you. You don’t do it, no one gives a rat’s eye.

why should we take new year resolutions

Am not saying New Year Resolutions are bad. If you can take it and stick to them, awesome. But why in the world would you need a excuse to do something better and give it a name? What in the world were you doing the rest of the 364 days? Watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn in loop? Blech.

Does this mean that you get the idea of doing something better in the month of March and you make it the New Year Resolution for 2015? You wait until you can assign a tag to it? My condolences to your brain fella.

Ever since I can remember, I have never taken a single New Year Resolution. I rather decide upon goals. They have much more clarity and unlike New Year Resolutions, don’t need the 1st of January to initiate. Decide and then let your actions steer your path ahead.

new year resolution change acrtoon

Secondly, Resolutions are more about “if’s”. If I become slimmer, I’ll get a girlfriend. If I write a blog post everyday, I’ll become famous. Let’s be truthful to ourselves here. Resolutions are based more upon what others expect from us. Not what you really want to do. Because if you did, then you would have started it off on June 30th itself without having waited for another half a year.

As the year goes ahead, keep your goals on the forefront, not your resolutions. Goals are always about today. It’s about what you do each day that would help you attain your goals with furthermore clarity and lucidity. On the other hand, resolutions are too vague. Lack clarity and purpose. If you haven’t done much with your resolutions in the initial few months, you always have the next 1st of Jan to bear the pressure again. And the next.

So f*** it! F*** your New Year Resolutions goodbye. Instead focus on your goals. Quit bouncing around and wallow in the immoderate hollow of your New Year Resolutions. This way, next year you wouldn’t need another list of Resolutions. You’ll just need stronger and more powerful goals. You’ll be able to look back and bask in the glory of having attained something better than petty resolutions. You’d have bettered yourself. And in the end, that’s the only Midas touch you’ll ever need.

Rock the year ahead mate.

P.S. My New Year Resolution? This! 😛

new year resolution cartoon