social commerce 2015

With the eCommerce market value to reach $6.7 Trillion by 2020, lot many eye-balls have been turning in the direction for quite sometime now. With the Indian eCommerce market alone to be valued at $20 Billion at the end of 2015 ($2 Trillion globally), the stakes are high as never before.

The dynamics of Social Commerce (eCommerce and Social Media) are ever changing. Some of the trends of 2014 would be carried over to 2015 whereas some have been archived due to their saturation.

Following is my presentation and a short write-up on it from my session at KMM College of Management Studies, as part of their “National Seminar on Emerging Trends in eCommerce”.

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Ever since the introduction of “endorsements” feature in LinkedIn in 2012, we all have been endorsed by people we do not know for skills we do not have for reasons we will never know. A small percentage of these might actually be given by good-hearted people who want to appreciate me for my skills. But how do you explain someone endorsing my skills in web design when I haven’t even coded a single line of HTML in my entire life!

Well yes, it certainly would boost our ego to see all those “pluses” beside our skills mentioned in LinkedIn, but do you actually believe that the smarter crowd, the people who matter, would take all of it seriously? And focus on my emphasis on “all of it”. I do not intend to be a hypocrite here and say all of it is wrong. Most of our skills mentioned are either chosen by us, our connections or from our profile. So yes, there is a moment of truth in it. But again, when I see web design in the 4th place on my top skills listed, I go bonkers.


Linkedin Endorsements



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Social Media Day Kochi - #SMdaykochi

With Social Media Day being celebrated all over the world on 30 June, Kochi decided not to lag back on the celebrations. And it was held in grand style too!

WinningWayz, a Digital Marketing Startup took the initiative to conduct #SMDayKochi this year. I too was invited as an Agency Participant. The moment I reached there, loved the venue – Open Air Auditorium. Decided to live blog the event, especially since I heard lot many people who wanted to attend, couldn’t.

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digital age infinity

We have always heard there’s nothing called a free lunch. And neither is there anything infiniteĀ in the real world. Maybe except the universe and stupidity, as Einstein mentioned.

But lets look at the term infinity from a marketing perspective. You never see a theater playing infinite number of movies; or a beverage shop with infinite bottles (though I know of people who dream of it); or a bakery with infinite supply of cakes. Infinity term does not exist in marketing.15% increase in sales, tripling the work force, hall capacity of 550 –Ā Its always about a fixed number.

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marketers can learn from waiters

A couple of days ago, I was out with my friends for coffee. The ambiance was great and we set off chatting up about everything and anything. The waiter came up to take our order. While some of us ordered our lot soon, there were still confusions among some of us as to which was the better option on the menu. The waiter coolly listened to what each person was trying to order. After a minute, he took the liberty of explaining the differences between each drink and even suggested to the guys what they might like based on their preferences.Continue reading