Bombay Mirror Showcases How Soon Secularism Can Change To Communalism

Rarely do I come across stuff on the internet that blows my mind to the extent that I write about it. This, is one such time.

Following is a 3 min short film by Asst. Director/Director Shlok Sharma, who has worked with films like Dev D and Gangs of Wasseypur and starring National Award Winner Rajkumar Rao.

Its a touchy topic that is portrayed here – religious fanaticism. The metaphors are spot on – representing the mindset of the ┬áCommon Man who lives in a bubble and mostly believes what the media feeds him; easily influenced mentality of a good number of youth who follow mindset of the larger following rather than thinking for self.

So, is the representation correct? Maybe, maybe not. But it does strike a few chords right. Am not saying that all people jump to conclusions similarly; but this does depict a good majority of how a good number of people take decisions in this “secular” country.

It’s just a┬ásatire on the unpredictability of human nature. So stay calm and move on.



I first read about the video here.