Dear Youth! Why Aren’t You Voting?

We are yet again at the brink of another melodramatic Election Season. Politicians and political parties have started off with their “Marketing Campaigns”. Budgets are overflowing, strategies are being changed each passing minute and there’s lots of competition analysis. But, who is the target audience?

Now, if you tell me that “everyone” is the target audience, I’ll be most glad to give out a sarcastic smile. That’s because it isn’t.

Why you ask? Because both the politicians and the political parties very well know that a good number of us (and by us I mean the youth) will not be voting.

So, if you are one among the lot who has decided that you wouldn’t be voting, please have the patience to read through this post.

Why did you decide that you aren’t voting? Why did you decide that you want to be a mute spectator in the course of shaping history of this country? Why, I ask, are you behaving like an a** h***?

Is it because you know that the system isn’t going to change? Is it because you feel that one corrupt party is no better than the other one? Is it because you feel a singular vote of yours isn’t going to make a difference? Or is it the fact that you are a spineless creep who doesn’t have the guts to take a decision?

If you decide not to vote, you are not considered a part of this system. This democracy. And hence, you have no f***ing right to complain the next time you see the roads are potholed or you hear the news of another multi-billion dollar scam.

if you dont vote you cant complain

Now you’ll give me the reason that all the candidates standing in the election are corrupt. Well, so what? I say, then vote for the guy who’s even 1% less corrupt. Repeat this everytime. You’ll start noticing that within a cycle or two of elections, either the candidates will change, or the existing candidates will atleast start performing better.

You need to make them understand that you do realize the power of a vote!

Another reason you wouldn’t vote is because you do not want to feel responsible for the victory of the corrupt guy. Or you do not want to live with the disappointment of “wasting your vote” for the guy who lost. So you take the easier way out and decide not to vote.

Both these reasons ignore the reality. You are just running away. You, in fact, are the sole reason for the failure of this very democracy we are a part of.

Not voting, doesn’t ward off the corrupt or the crooks. It just boosts their confidence in the fact that a good number of the present day youth is still a bunch of spineless creeps, who’d rather blame the system than try to change it.

Nothing is going to change in a day, I agree. Am almost 30 now. I voted 5 years back and I’ll vote 5 years from now too. All with the hope that atleast when I reach 40, I wouldn’t have to worry about voting for the “less corrupt” – I’ll have my options open fair and square.

So, to the youth I say. Vote this time my friend. And for all years to come. Stop being considered as a lifeless vote-bank by the politicians. Remind them, that you too are a part of this system and the decision rests on your fingertips.

Because if enough smart people start voting, things will improve.

(Updated: 22 April 2019)


Inspired from a post by Seth Godin