15 Things That Would Happen If IRCTC Was On Social Media

1.       Each time the train is late, people would tweet and complain to @IRCTC. Which means IRCTC and #TrainLate would be trending 365x24x7.

2.       If each train was available on Foursquare, people needn’t carry their ticket. All they need do is check-in! Considering this, the TTR would be the mayor “always”.

3.       Just like Dell Hell, IRCTC would have “Rail Fail”. And for this the Govt. would form a Committee to look into the matter and submit a final report to the CBI.

4.       Each time a train arrives on time, it would be celebrated as a milestone event in its Facebook Page.

5.      Pinterest would be loaded with boards named Rajdhani Ki Jawaani, Shatabdi Ki Aabaadi, Intercity Ki Badboo, Duronto Ki Duranth…. Etc.

6.       Instagram would be decorated with vintage photos of IRCTC’s vintage food.

7.       If IRCTC ran a Social Media Campaign with something of the sorts of ‘free-ticket-to-anyone-who-tweets-when-train-late’, it would be the largest and most successful SM campaign in the world. EVER! But it would also mean that IRCTC would be shut down in a week.

8.       Having its presence on Social Media would also mean people would be able to directly interact with the engine diver.

The tweets would read something like:

·       @CryingKid: Mr @EngineDriver, could you please stop the train. My candy fell out the window. I’ll share half of it with you 🙂

·       @TrafficPC: @EngineDriver You drive like this on the road and your fine would be enough to pay my kid’s school fees.

·     @InAHurryDude: @EngineDriver Buddy, if you reach the destination an hour earlier, I promise to send you a friend’s request in FB. #PrettyPlease

·      @CrazyPhotographer: Could you take the train 1km in reverse? I took a photo of the scenery but had forgotten to remove the camera cover!! #DumbMe

·    @TTR: @EngineDriver FOR GOODNESS SAKE listen to the people!! My TL already looks like the lyrics from an Eminem Album :/ #Help

 9.       Fail Whale would become the better known homepage of Twitter if IRCTC ever made a Twitter Account.

10.    FLASH NEWS:


In order to widespread the use of Google+ in India, Google has tied up with IRCTC. Now all queries towards IRCTC can be asked on its G+ Page.

Next Day:

Google+ gets 20 million new members in a day. All from India.

Next to Next Day:

Google records 1000% increase in traffic on Google+.

Next to Next to Next Day:

Google+ down due to server overload. #GoogleMinus trending.

11.    Ticketless travel would no longer be fined. The individual would be asked to write positive comments on IRCTC’s Facebook Page, Tweet positive about it and write a 500 word blog post on the topic “IRCTC – Heaven on Wheels”.

12.    As a replacement for Tatkal System, tickets on Tatkal Quota would be given to those who invite maximum number of friends to like IRCTC’s Facebook Page.

13.    On Google Searching the word “late”, IRCTC’s website would top the results.


14.    Based on Angry Bird’s Facebook Game Model, IRCTC would enable passengers to ‘Brag’ if they ever reached their destination on time…… EVER.

Anyone who is able to “brag” more than twice a year would be eligible for ‘India’s Luckiest person Award’.

15.    And, if people tweet to @IRCTC_Food their choice of food, with their date of journey, Train and seat Number, it’ll be delivered to them.

(Statutory Warning: IRCTC Food may or may not be injurious to health. Eat at your own risk.

Issued in Public Interest by @IRCTC_PassengerWelfare)