The Day Of The Interview

Shirt Ironed. Check.

Shoe Polished. Check.

Hair neatly trimmed. Check.

Looking Smart. Always!


D-Day. My first official interview. And I wasn’t scared at all. Petrified would be the more suitable word.

So, with the interview scheduled at 1115 Hrs, I decided to get ready as soon as possible. BANG! Guests drop in. And then the usual procedure – Hai… Yes, Doing good…. No, not jobless… No, not planning to get married anytime soon…. Yes, will be going for higher studies… blah blah..

I keep staring at mom and the clock and then the guests.

9:45 – Having Tea

10:00 – Still having tea

10:15 – Breakfast

10:29 – Screw everyone. Am leaving.

And thus, well dressed, clean shaven minus a bulgan, shiny shoes and headsets on as usual, I cycle off to the destination. As I cycle, my mind races. What questions will be there in the interview? Will everything go fine? What if I screw up? Will the cycle as a means of travel be a negative? Should I speak in Malayalam or English? Did I brush well in the morning? Did I…… Darn!! Forgot the “AXE Effect”. Forgot to spray 😐

Other than a couple of gazillion eyes staring at this mad guy on a cycle and the police trying to figure out whether I was over the speed limit or not, everything went pretty normal. Oh, and there was the one ecstatic moment when I overtook a BMW #FeltLikeABoss

Did I mention the BMW was being towed away?

So, there I was at the destination. 1100Hrs. Phew, not late. Thank You Kochi City Traffic Police for keeping all the lights green.

As I entered the office and sat down below the fan, I realized I was sweating. So much with the looking good and all. Luckily, by 1115Hrs I was back to my usual look-good-no-matter-what self.

And then, just as clock struck quarter past eleven, a knock on the door.

Guy – “Sir, May I come in?”

Me – “Yes, please.”

Guy – “Good Morning Sir, you had asked me to come for an interview.”

Me – “Yes. Please take a seat.”

And thus began the first interview for interns at my firm. I didn’t know who was more nervous. Me or him. But luckily, I did well if I may say so. 🙂 . #ReallyFeltLikeABoss

What a Day!

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