Because Everyone Is Doing It

As people, we have a major flaw – we never tend to see our flaws.

The actions of a group, even if wrong, are blindly believed to be true. If everyone is doing it, it must be right, we say.

And even in this lack of self-analysis, we congratulate ourselves in being unique. So uniquely similar to the rest thousands that we cease to understand the meaning of the term unique itself. So bound up in the laurels of our own ego, that we inhibit ourselves from challenging the status quo. From asking questions. From seeking answers.

So why do we bask in this illusionary glory? Why do we follow the crowd and lie to ourselves that we’re swimming against the tide whereas in reality, we’re just floating adrift without a sense of direction?

Because everyone is doing it.


We throw garbage on the road and then come back home and tweet about how the streets are dirty. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

We jump the queue even in the slightest opportunity available, without considering a moment of patience. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

We believe our ethnicity is the best and holds superior to the others, without questioning the morality of it. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

We believe only our religion preaches good and condemn a whole religion based on the actions of a few. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

We do not have time to talk to our parents at home because the Whatsapp notifications need our timely response. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

We believe we’re the only smart asses around and it’s our duty to educate the less intellectual ones. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

We believe not updating our Facebook DP at least once a week would make us look uncool. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

And, we believe we’re special and we’re here in this world to make a difference. Why? Because everyone is saying the same god damn thing. BECAUSE everyone is doing it.

The day we stop doing things because everyone else is doing it, is the day we will actually realize our true moral standing and the strength of our principles. That would be the defining moment of us having an individualized opinion about things that matter and things that make a difference. Until then, we can crawl in the stigma of being labelled as the soulless zombies of our generation.

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