social commerce 2015

With the eCommerce market value to reach $6.7 Trillion by 2020, lot many eye-balls have been turning in the direction for quite sometime now. With the Indian eCommerce market alone to be valued at $20 Billion at the end of 2015 ($2 Trillion globally), the stakes are high as never before.

The dynamics of Social Commerce (eCommerce and Social Media) are ever changing. Some of the trends of 2014 would be carried over to 2015 whereas some have been archived due to their saturation.

Following is my presentation and a short write-up on it from my session at KMM College of Management Studies, as part of their “National Seminar on Emerging Trends in eCommerce”.

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digital age infinity

We have always heard there’s nothing called a free lunch. And neither is there anything infinite┬áin the real world. Maybe except the universe and stupidity, as Einstein mentioned.

But lets look at the term infinity from a marketing perspective. You never see a theater playing infinite number of movies; or a beverage shop with infinite bottles (though I know of people who dream of it); or a bakery with infinite supply of cakes. Infinity term does not exist in marketing.15% increase in sales, tripling the work force, hall capacity of 550 –┬áIts always about a fixed number.

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evernote linkedin card scanning camera pic

Letters have been replaced by eMails. Resumes are now sent in PDF rather than print and bills can be paid online rather than in hard cash.

The past few decades have seen a rather generous decrease in the usage of paper, and all for the right reasons, thanks to technology. One of the many things that it missed out on, was visiting cards.

Not anymore.

Evernote, the ever so useful mobile app, has now also transformed to a business card scanning app, in integration with LinkedIn. With LinkedIn’s 300 Million users and Evernote’s 75 Million, they have taken off the partnership to newer dimensions.

evernote linkedin card scanning camera pic

Evernote can now scan the visiting card and store all the contact information from it, with link to current LinkedIn profile, photo, plus section for adding notes and such. Though this doesn’t altogether eliminate the usage of business cards, it sure does help in storage of the data better and searchable for future reference.Continue reading


The Social Unsocial Experiment is over and boy do I have lot many things to share.

The Social Unsocial Experiment pIC

The past 21 days without Facebook have been bliss. Except the first day, when I had this urge of logging into FB, the feeling died down soon.

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Running a Content Marketing firm, one of the major issues I face is convincing the clients on why they should develop their business as a “Social Business” and the advantages from it. For those who smirk at this question, yes I smirk too. But convincing the clients on the What and Why of this detail isn’t as easy as it would seem.

So what exactly is Social Business? Ans – Any business that involves the understanding of how your customers or stakeholders connect to and understand your business, and how you mould your business strategy based on their interests, can be defined as Social Business.


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