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We have always heard there’s nothing called a free lunch. And neither is there anything infinite in the real world. Maybe except the universe and stupidity, as Einstein mentioned.

But lets look at the term infinity from a marketing perspective. You never see a theater playing infinite number of movies; or a beverage shop with infinite bottles (though I know of people who dream of it); or a bakery with infinite supply of cakes. Infinity term does not exist in marketing.15% increase in sales, tripling the work force, hall capacity of 550 – Its always about a fixed number.

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Disclaimer: I have been active IEEE volunteer for the past 6 years – 3 years as a student and presently as a professional member. Currently, also an Executive Committee member of IEEE Kerala Section, IEEE Kochi Subsection and IEEE Kerala Young Professionals.

So, this obviously means I am not “anti-IEEE”. The following blog post is written based on my observations. It has nothing to do with whether I am an IEEE volunteer or not. Just the fact that being an active volunteer when I saw this, it did disturb me.

A man’s got to say what a man’s got to say.

IEEE is a not-for-profit organization. Even the footer of its website specifies that. It carries out various educational, technological and humanitarian activities around the globe, which is exactly the reason I have been an ardent volunteer in it all these years. And yes, it has helped me grow professionally too.Continue reading



Running a Content Marketing firm, one of the major issues I face is convincing the clients on why they should develop their business as a “Social Business” and the advantages from it. For those who smirk at this question, yes I smirk too. But convincing the clients on the What and Why of this detail isn’t as easy as it would seem.

So what exactly is Social Business? Ans – Any business that involves the understanding of how your customers or stakeholders connect to and understand your business, and how you mould your business strategy based on their interests, can be defined as Social Business.


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Cristiano Ronaldo Website Viva Ronaldo 2

For some people 67 Million Followers on Facebook and 23 Million on Twitter just doesn’t do it enough it seems. They then go about building their own Social Network!

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, or as humans call him – Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese and Real Madrid Footballer, has hit another goal. Not on the field this time, but rather on the internet – He has launched his very own Social Networking site.

Cristiano Ronaldo Website Viva Ronaldo


As W-T-F it sounds, its true., is all about exclusive CR7 content, games, prizes and even a chance to meet “the man” himself. Not just launched as a campaign but rather as a Social Networking site in itself, this sure doesn’t seem a short-term hype from his PR Team. The way it has been projected and how they plan to take it forward, sure does look like its a long term deal.


Cristiano Ronaldo Website Viva Ronaldo 2


From Pre-match bets to Trivia to Live Fan Chatter when the game is on, the “Content Strategy” revolves all around Cristiano, building upon the fact that he has a sort of cult fan following. Fans can login via Facebook and stay up-to-date with the activities of their friends in this community.


Cristiano Ronaldo Website Viva Ronaldo 3


The Official Online Platofrm is developed by Viva Superstars, a joint-venture co-founded by Cristiano Ronaldo, Polaris Sports and a Portuguese-Dutch startup named bViva. They have developed this as a proprietary real-time match following platform – Live Match 4G – that allows fans in different countries and television streams to play and interact during live events.

how to start a social media agency

I have been running a Social Media Marketing/Content Marketing Agency for about 2 years now. Wouldn’t boast that all’s been good; have had my heavenly highs and my deepest lows. Stepping into a completely new field just because I fell in love with it might sound preposterous to some. But well, that’s how certain things are supposed to align up.

In retrospect, I can point out at least a million things about starting up a Social Media Agency, which, if I had known 2 years back, would definitely have helped me and my firm be in a much more enjoyable position than it is now. But, just as a good stuffed crust Pepperoni Pizza with double dose of cheese takes its time to be made up, all good things come in time. And with experience.

Hence, when I was invited to an Engineering College to handle a session on “How To Start A Social Media Agency”, I had already made up my mind on what would be the first things I would like to share. Also, I was told most of the students had plans of starting a Social Media Agency while -in/after college. This made it all the more clear to me on what I had to share.

My presentation from the talk is as –

For the loads of veteran digital marketers out there, and for the doyens of Social Media, I whole-heartedly welcome you to put in your suggestions on whether I have missed out on any part in the above presentation.