Ever since the introduction of “endorsements” feature in LinkedIn in 2012, we all have been endorsed by people we do not know for skills we do not have for reasons we will never know. A small percentage of these might actually be given by good-hearted people who want to appreciate me for my skills. But how do you explain someone endorsing my skills in web design when I haven’t even coded a single line of HTML in my entire life!

Well yes, it certainly would boost our ego to see all those “pluses” beside our skills mentioned in LinkedIn, but do you actually believe that the smarter crowd, the people who matter, would take all of it seriously? And focus on my emphasis on “all of it”. I do not intend to be a hypocrite here and say all of it is wrong. Most of our skills mentioned are either chosen by us, our connections or from our profile. So yes, there is a moment of truth in it. But again, when I see web design in the 4th place on my top skills listed, I go bonkers.


Linkedin Endorsements



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