Addressing a gathering about Entrepreneurship has always been a touchy point for me. Neither am I a successful entrepreneur (yet), nor a very experienced one. Still, whenever am invited by the student community to take a session on Entrepreneurship, I am always glad to share my bit of experience, my failures, my mistakes. Because as far as I have learned, you only get inspired from winning stories. You need failures to learn stuff.

I was recently invited to KMEA College of Engineering to take a session on Women Entrepreneurship as part of their IEEE WIE activity inauguration. I gave the topic a good thought and actually decided to let go of the “women” portion. No bias to anyone meant. But if you ask me, men, women, dolphins, aliens…. no matter who gets into entrepreneurship, the issues and hardships faced are the same.

I’d say Mothers are the best entrepreneurs. They multitask things perfectly like all entrepreneurs do and take the biggest of calculated risks – bringing up a child! So, women finding it more difficult to be entrepreneurs, I don’t agree to that statement.

Following is my presentation from the hour long session I took at the college – on myths and facts of entrepreneurship. I really hope I did justice.


Myths about entrepreneurship : 

  • Entrepreneurs are born. Not made – totally disagree. Its all attitude and hard work. Not just inborn talent.
  • College dropouts make better entrepreneurs – not always. Though it has to be agreed that college dropouts give it their all as they have nothing to go back to if they fail.
  • Idea + Prototype = Start a Company – you need market analysis, building a great team, marketing and a million other factors.
  • Its easy money – never is!
  • I need to be a techie – not all entrepreneurs are techies. Identify if you’re a techie (who does the work), manager (who can get the work done) or entrepreneur (who has the vision to build the product/service into something scalable).
  • I must invent something new – was Google the first search engine? Was Facebook the first Social Network? It’s all about doing the thing right, keeping in mind the users.
  • Entrepreneurs are gamblers – they are risk takers, yes. But only calculated risks, not blind ones.
  • You are your own boss – nope. You’re actually at the bottom of the food chain. Clients, Customers, Vendors, Landlord, even the freaking Income Tax department is your boss!
  • Unlimited vacation – pffft!
  • My best friend is my co-founder – never mix friendship and business. You’ll be screwed. And at times, screwed Big Time.


Facts about entrepreneurship :

  • Your first idea will be wrong
  • Your friends and family won’t understand what you do
  • You’ll be broke at times
  • Don’t build your company only on one vertical
  • CXO posts don’t matter a S#!t. You’ll be the freaking delivery boy!
  • Customers/clients will irritate you
  • Your personal life will suffer
  • You’ll work 100 hours a week (or maybe even more)
  • There will be no one to congratulate you
  • Finding a good team/staff will always be a challenge
  • Negativity will be showered upon you

And, the focal point of entrepreneurship – Only YOU are responsible. Whether you succeed or you fail. Only you are responsible.

how to start a social media agency

I have been running a Social Media Marketing/Content Marketing Agency for about 2 years now. Wouldn’t boast that all’s been good; have had my heavenly highs and my deepest lows. Stepping into a completely new field just because I fell in love with it might sound preposterous to some. But well, that’s how certain things are supposed to align up.

In retrospect, I can point out at least a million things about starting up a Social Media Agency, which, if I had known 2 years back, would definitely have helped me and my firm be in a much more enjoyable position than it is now. But, just as a good stuffed crust Pepperoni Pizza with double dose of cheese takes its time to be made up, all good things come in time. And with experience.

Hence, when I was invited to an Engineering College to handle a session on “How To Start A Social Media Agency”, I had already made up my mind on what would be the first things I would like to share. Also, I was told most of the students had plans of starting a Social Media Agency while -in/after college. This made it all the more clear to me on what I had to share.

My presentation from the talk is as –

For the loads of veteran digital marketers out there, and for the doyens of Social Media, I whole-heartedly welcome you to put in your suggestions on whether I have missed out on any part in the above presentation.

From my Session at College of Engineering, Chengannur.
Have to agree, was one of the best crowd I have seen till date. With the morning session being this and the afternoon session being taken by Ajin on E-Mail etiquettes (which was another awesome presentation in itself), we joined up together on the last session on Resume Making for the students. A last minute thought up topic to utilize the left over time. Thankfully, it turned to be another fruitful session. The students had lot many questions to ask on, and we were glad to help them out with most of it.
Feels great to have been able to share some useful info with the next generation 🙂